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Men in Motion

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Men in Motion

Have you ever noticed the young men wearing shirt and ties on Thursdays and wondered: "Who are they?" or "Is there a special event today?"  Those students are members of Edgewood's Men In Motion, an organization for male students in grades 3-5. The organization, mentored by Mr. Joe Peterson, Jr. (Principal) and Mr. Justin Kelly (PE) promotes academic achievement, character, and helps develop young men into tomorrow's leaders.  In order to be involved in Men in Motion, students must maintain a minimum of A or B average in academics and conduct.  The students must also possess positive attitudes and respect for others and have no more than one office referral for the whole year. These students must be willing to participate in all fundraisers and community service projects.  Men in Motion also promotes parental involvement and places an emphasis on positive male mentors.

Men in Motion's Motto is:

I am somebody, I show self-control, and I am responsible for the choices I make.